Business Development

The Business Development Team works diligently not only on creating new partner relationships, but also maintaining and building on these relationships. The Go Solution Business Development Team strives to develop partnerships with innovative companies that offer products such as Internet, television, phone, home security, and more.

We are proud to partner with and provide customer solutions from CenturyLink, HughesNet, Charter, Time Warner Cable, and many, many more. Our team is currently working hard to establish new partner relationships, and we look forward to announcing new partners in the future.


Marketing is the lifeblood of everything we do at The Go Solution!

Our company’s vision dictates that we market new customers when, where, and how they choose, and so we spend all of our time refining and developing innovative ways to do just that. Our targeted messaging to value-conscious consumers generates more than 200 million online impressions and over 2.5 billion print pieces per year. Don’t worry, we recycle. We spend our weeks meshed between data-driven analysis and creative processes that leave no stone unturned. Whether you like to shop from the newspaper or Google, you’ll find us there, and we're prepared to help.


The Go Solution’s IT department is a group of skilled professionals dedicated and committed to solving the IT needs of our growing business units. The team focuses on a wide variety of tasks from troubleshooting help desk tickets to developing and implementing new efficiencies within the company’s proprietary VFP driven software, MIH (Make It Happen). This group loves a “work hard, play hard” attitude.


At The Go Solution, investing in our employees is a top priority. One of the ways we accomplish this is through our first-class training programs. From an extensive New Hire program to continual training, workshops, professional development, coaching and more, we believe a well-informed staff is better equipped to perform their job at the highest level. Employees can also take advantage of 24-hour access to Go U, our online learning management system. GoU allows us to offer every department specific training on a wide range of topics, including sales, customer service, leadership, human resources, IT, personal development, and more! We aim to provide a learning pathway for every employee to reach their full potential.

Administration Team

While the Administration Team is more of a behind-the-scenes group, there is no question as to the value they add to The Go Solution every single day. Our Administration Teams consist of Accounting, Administrative, Human Resources, and Facilities Professionals. They handle everything from making sure we all get paid to ordering copy paper to recruiting to making sure the building is in good working order at all times. Without these folks, we wouldn’t have badges to open the secured doors, paper to make copies or paychecks on payday. The level of experience and talent in these departments is impressive and the organization has a lot of respect and appreciation for all of their day-to-day efforts.