Employee Recognition

At The Go Solution, our most important asset is our people. Rewarding them beyond just their pay and benefits is our way of showing them our appreciation for their on-going efforts and contributions to the Team. Whether it’s a daily sales contest, a weekly focus initiative or an impromptu recognition just for exhibiting pride in our facility, we feel that our team should be recognized for their positive behavior. We have created a variety of ways to express our gratitude to the people who make it happen for us every day.

We understand that work isn’t just about completing your core job requirements, so rewarding employees across the company who go above and beyond is something that we are very serious about and take a great amount of pride in. By running daily and weekly sales contests, we encourage and reward the right types of behavior amongst our fine group of sales professionals. Our incentive programs in the past have ranged from gift cards to company sponsored lunches to Rolex Watches to and all-expense paid 7-day vacations. Our Sales Management team, many of whom have worked their way up and been promoted from within, will often walk around handing out snacks, cash prizes, gift cards to various retail outlets and other goodies. While most of our contests and incentive programs have always been spontaneous and unique, we recently started a more formal program called “Way To Go!”

This program affords Managers, Directors, Executives and some of our employee committee members a way to recognize people on the fly with reward dollars that they can hand out whenever or wherever they see employees living our core values. Whether someone is stopping to pick up trash on the floor, cleaning up a spill, helping coach a co-worker or simply approaching their day with a positive attitude, our employees can be recognized. These reward dollars can be redeemed at our company store for a wide variety of prizes and goodies, which include everything from shirts, travel mugs, free days off or cash cards to our employee market. It really is just our way of saying, “Way To Go!”

Incentive programs include Rolex Watches

Incentive programs include Rolex Watches

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