What We Do

The Go Solution is a customer-focused organization with the goal of delivering high-value solutions to meet needs, while providing exceptional customer experiences. We partner with popular nationwide providers to deliver TV, phone, Internet, security, and insurance solutions for everyone. The Go Solution is constantly evaluating opportunities to add to our product and service offerings to improve our value proposition and maintain our position as a one-stop-shop for our valued customers. Through an extensive nationwide media network, we place ads in millions of households weekly, inviting consumers to call about a variety of products and services. Our talented and well-trained professional sales team answers the call to tailor solutions to the caller’s needs. Our goal is to “wow” every single caller, and so we are constantly looking for ways to improve the customer experience and meet their needs.

As one of the largest and most enduring national vendors for DISH Network, we're consistently honored as their #2 retailer in the United States. We offer all of the best deals not only on DISH satellite TV, but also from top-rated cable and telecommunications companies. From CenturyLink to Time Warner Cable and more, The Go Solution has your entertainment needs covered. In addition to our home entertainment offerings, we also offer the best in high-speed Internet, proprietary services, home phone services, home security, help desk services, and more. We work hard to find the right combination of services and providers to meet your entertainment needs while staying within your monthly budget.

Our offerings don’t stop there! TGS Insurance Agency is proud to work with over 30 top-rated insurance carriers. We focus on home, auto, and other personal policies. And the best part? You don’t have to shop around; TGS Insurance Agency does that for you. Our licensed insurance agents will work with you to determine the best plan option to meet your needs and will then identify the carrier who is the best fit.

BillAdvisor is the most recent addition to our consumer-focused business lines. Launching in 2015, BillAdvisor specializes in saving customers money on existing monthly recurring bills. Think cell phone, TV, internet, security, and much, much more. Utilizing little-known tricks of the trade, our agents negotiate directly with the providers to save customers as much money as possible. And for those customers looking to change providers, we will even shop the best available service. Imagine paying less for the services you already have, without the hassle of researching and calling around. BillAdvisor makes saving money easy.

By now, we hope you sense how important our customers are to us. Our never-ending focus on making sure we “wow” everyone is made possible through our most valued asset, our employees. The Go Solution spends countless hours training and developing staff to make sure they have the skills and tools necessary to meet the consumer’s needs. Through training, mentoring and on-going management interaction, we identify opportunities for our agents to be successful, often aligning skills and experience with various products and services. In an ever-changing business environment, The Go Solution is proud to have a best-in-class team!

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