At TGS you’re not just an employee, you’re a part of something awesome. TGS is a top employer for the Houston-metro area and our CEO Damon Diamantaras goes up and beyond to make sure he’s cultivated a work environment that everyone can thrive in.

We’re big on recognition here and love an opportunity to brag on our top performers when we can. During our company meetings, our executive team takes time to recognize select employees for exceptional performance and tenure with awards and monetary gifts! We also believe an organization thrives on employee feedback, which is why at the end of every meeting we conclude with an open formula for employees to voice any opinions, questions, or concerns. We can’t be better if we don’t know where we can improve, which is why employee feedback is highly valued at TGS.

We work hard but we have a lot of fun too. From semi-annual company picnics, themed days, to free pizza, Thanksgiving lunches, and our infamous annual Christmas party - there’s no shortage of things to do or participate in around here! We pride ourselves on maintaining a professional, yet enjoyable, and fun work environment.

Damon at Company Meeting
Taco truck
Gift cards