Update on TGS Business Operations

Last Updated 5:31 PM, 8/30/17.

We are very thankful to note that the majority of the staff made it through the storm with little to no damage, however, there are others who did not and have lost everything.  Our TGS community IS and WILL be our biggest focus for the year to come.

We would like to address the Monday and Tuesday closures. Even though our building was fully operational, it was clearly unsafe to be outside and traveling on the roads.  The Mayor of Houston was also iterating that only emergency personnel should be on the roads Monday and Tuesday and everyone else should stay home. 

Fortunately, our jobs provide services to other cities and states outside of the Greater Houston, Texas area.  Not all Houstonians and Texans can say that and will not have a job to come to for a significant period of time. If you would like to make up some hours lost and work extra this week or next, see your supervisor and they will approve your schedule to accommodate the needs of the business and department’s who might have a back-log.  For those of you who would prefer to use PTO or the upcoming Labor Day Holiday to make up for the 2 day closure, please let your supervisor know and enter into Paycom signifying as such. Our PTO policy allows up to -40.0 available hours, however, you will be allowed to take an extra 8.0 hours in arrears maxing out at -48.0 hours.

We still have not heard from every employee and our Operations Team have been diligently trying to account for everyone in the TGS family. If you have been in contact with a co-worker who has been displaced, please let Operations know.  If you are unable to make it in safely, contact the MOD or your direct manager and advise us of your situation.

May God continue to bless you all...

MOD line: 713.983.2200, option 5.